PB4L Positive Behaviour For Learning

The Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide framework, otherwise known as PB4L School-Wide, is helping New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life. The framework can be tailored to your school’s own environment and cultural needs.

It’s not about changing the students; it’s about changing the environment, systems and practices you have in place to support them to make positive behaviour choices.


For Arakura, we are looking at a range of aspects in how PB4L can work positively at our school. We know for a fact that it will require a whole community effort to build a positive behaviour culture in our students.

Arakura School Values Review

The PB4L team have decided that now would be a great time to review our school values. At the moment they are:

  • Positive Choices
  • Respect
  • Effort
  • Pride

If you are a parent at our school, we would love to get your ideas on what values we should focus on at Arakura School. Please take some time to fill our our Values Survey from the link.