Vision tūruapō

The Best for all Students

We seek to provide an education that is the
Best for All Students.

We believe in teaching each and every learner and provide opportunities for them to search, discover, explore, experiment, and experience all areas of learning that is both challenging and individual.

We value each and every student as individuals; Individuals that bring with them a vast range of knowledge, ideas, experiences, cultures, ideologies, and whanau.

We value our Māori ākonga as Māori, and assist them in learning as Māori students; taking into account their culture, whakapapa, tikanga, and the value that this adds to each of our classes.

Likewise, our Pasifika students are just as valuable, and we encourage these students to perform and learn to their best efforts, and encourage them to learn through their culture and experiences.

Arakura School Vision

"Through achievement, Arakura School will be recognised within the community as being a desirable establishment to educate, develop and prepare students for a balanced and fulfilling future."