Our Learning

2023 Learning Focus

This year we continue our focus on Structured Literacy, to improve reading, writing and oral language.  

From MOE Inclusive Education Website:

"A structured literacy approach is recommended for students with dyslexia and those who are having difficulty with decoding because it directly addresses phonological skills, decoding, and spelling.

"A structured literacy approach provides:

For more information about our implementation of Structured Literacy contact our Lead Teacher, Whaea Katrina Barclay on (04) 564 6920 or email her on katrinab@arakura.school.nz.

Dyslexia Screening Tool - Junior (DST-J)

If you think your child has Dyslexia and you would like to have an initial screening, please contact our Principal, Whaea Tute Mila on (04) 564 6920 or email her on principal@arakura.school.nz.


This year we are formalising homework expectations across the school.  Please support your child with the following each week:

Aotearoa History Curriculum, Te Reo Māori me Tikanga

We are working towards the design of our local curriculum in 2023-24.  You may know that teaching Aotearoa History has become compulsory this year and so staff have started the journey learning about the new curriculum as well as working with mana whenua facilitator Huia Puketapu of EdSecter Consultants, to learn about our own local history.  

We are also on the journey to normalise te reo Māori across the school.  To this end, two-thirds of staff are learning te reo through the Te Ahu o Te Reo Māori course, throughout Term 2 and Term 3.  We are also creating a curriculum framework for te reo me tikanga to guide teaching and learning.  

Whaea Bianca Downes and Whaea Mabel Rigby are the lead teachers for this kaupapa.  We look forward to holding hui with whānau this year in order to get your ideas and input into this focus area.