Community Services

Fruit and Vegetables in Schools

Arakura School continues to benefit from the Fruit and Vegetables in Schools programme.  Fresh fruit is delivered at the start of the week which our student monitors distribute to each class.

Any fruit and vegetables left at the end of the week is put out by the Office for whānau to pick up for home.  

In addition, Maree Dickson, our Social Worker in Schools, does the bread run for us each Friday morning.  Bread is put out every Friday afternoon alongside left over fruit and vegetables for whānau to help themselves.

We are extremely grateful for the support of services that make a difference for our school community.


KidsCan continue to provide support to schools including Arakura School including shelf-stable, nutritious food including canned fruit, pasta, soup, muesli bars and baked beans.  These supplies are being used in Breakfast Club.  

KidsCan also provide the following:

See Whaea Toni in the Office if you need any of the these products.

Do Some Good

Do Some Good connects businesses and schools to generate positive change.  We are one of 16 schools and kindergartens in Wellington communities supported by Do Some Good.  We are fortunate to receive bread and cheese each week for Breakfast Club.