Communication is critical for home-school partnership in teaching and learning.  Please ensure the Office has your up-to-date contact details and that of your emergency contacts. 


Our newsletter is published fortnightly, shared on our Facebook page and emailed to whānau. You can view the latest and past newsletters, on our website.  Please let the Office know if you prefer a hard copy. 


Facebook is a good platform for us to share events, celebrations, special notices and reminders e.g. regarding sport events or school trips.  Click HERE to go to our page.

Class Dojo

This is a platform we use for communication between classroom and home and a place for children to share their learning, their successes and achievements.

Download the app then get in touch with the classroom teacher to sign up for Class Dojo

Meeting with the Principal

Whaea Tute makes every effort to be available to meet with whānau on request, otherwise appointments can be made through the Office on (04) 564 6920 or email her directly on

Meeting with Classroom Teachers

Classroom teachers are in the classroom by 8.30am to meet their class as they arrive and to check in with whānau.  Except for Mondays and Tuesdays when we have professional development and planning meetings, teachers are also available after school

See your child's teacher to find out the best way to communicate on a regular basis.

Learning Conversations

Learning conversations are held twice yearly:

 Less formal meetings can also be held with classroom teachers on request, to check in on your child's progress.

Mid Year Progress Report

The purpose of the mid year progress report is to provide a focus for conversation between teachers and whānau about

End of Year Report

This is the formal summary of learning for the school year.  We continually review our reporting process to ensure it is the most effective way of sharing information with whānau.

Parent/Community Engagement and Hui

A community that stands with mana, enables children to grow and develop in mana.  Empowering each other through our home-school partnership is the key to our children’s success and achievement.  Engagement and hui can take the form of:

STOPS Restorative Meeting

Everyone makes mistakes or makes poor choices - we are human!  What is important is fixing the harm caused, particularly to the relationships with others.  STOPs is the restorative process we have to help children do just so when there’s been a major incident of misbehaviour.  If your child was referred to STOPs then they will be bring a reflection sheet home with information about the incident.  

See PB4L School Wide for further information on STOPs process.